found myself on a russian blog
21/12/2010: found myself on a russian blog

01/12/2010: yeahyeahyeah!

featured by graphicbirdwatching.com
30/11/2010: featured by graphicbirdwatching.com


07/07/2010: indexbook.com

Hermann Schmidt Verlag
24/06/2010: Hermann Schmidt Verlag

Diplom: läuft.
24/05/2010: Diplom: läuft.

Ulk mit Hulk
08/05/2010: Ulk mit Hulk

kindest regards from our staircase
15/04/2010: kindest regards from our staircase

14/04/2010: I'm behind CT's poster in dataflow2

3rd PM.invitation
06/04/2010: 3rd PM.invitation

04/05/2010: we've finished our office

back at school
01/04/2010: back at school

shooting for Catalogtree
17/03/2010: shooting for Catalogtree

30/02/2010: I'll miss Rotterdam!

100 Beste Plakate 2009
01/03/2010: 100 Beste Plakate 2009

working on my diploma
12/02/2010: working on my diploma

33pt Offstage release
10/02/2010: 33pt Offstage release

printing 2nd Plaatsmaken invitation
10/02/2010: printing 2nd Plaatsmaken invitation

fence font in Rotterdam
07/01/2010: fence font in Rotterdam

typohraphy of dutch snow
17/12/2009: typohraphy of dutch snow

NRW-project at Frankfurt bookfair
17/10/2009: NRW-project at Frankfurt bookfair

spotted at Café Vrijdag, Arnhem
02/10/2009: spotted at Café Vrijdag, Arnhem

dutch class
22/09/2009: dutch class

preparing my final exams
28/09/2009: preparing my final exams

working on the 33pt.documentation
27/07/2009: working on the 33pt.documentation

poster making-of
26/05/2009: poster making-of

33pt. was great!
01/05/2010: 33pt. was great!

working on our nrw-project
07/03/2009: working on our nrw-project