Escapade [French]: a wrong jump of a dressage horse; a wanton prank, an adventure, an infidelity or side leap.

With this motto, the design department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund continued the internationally success of the 2006 symposium 33pt. Musik and was going to show and explore different perspectives concerning language, fonts and typography again. On the one hand, the event focused on the topics mentioned above but inevitably touched upon various other aspects, disciplines and focal points. Besides typographical digressions, the symposium also aimed to evolve around questions of semiotics, scenography, motion and object design with regards to fonts and typography. The hole event was organized by students. > www.33pt.de

We made several films for the invitations of the speakers. I did a poster and invitation clip for the dutch bureau Autobahn from Utrecht. Watch it!

This symposium was originated in a Seminar by Prof. Sabine an Huef and Stefan Claudius.
(Fotos vom Symposium: Philipp Külker)